Behavior Support Services

CABS provides services to children who may have a particular behavior deficit or problem behavior such as tantrums, physical aggression, property destruction, or less severe behaviors that may interfere with their learning and socializing. Through parent or teacher interviews, careful observation, and data collection we are able to determine what may be causing or maintaining a challenging behavior.  While placing an emphasis on teaching appropriate replacement behaviors, our team is able to work with you and your child in the environment the behavior most likely occurs and modify environmental elements that may be maintaining it.


We are able to provide support and behavior coaching to families in the home and community environments as well as provide supplemental individualized therapy to those who may require intensive teaching of prerequisite skills needed to ensure success in every day situations.


Educational Services

The CABS team has over 30 years combined experience working and teaching in school settings.  In addition to providing school and district trainings on a variety of educational and behavioral topics, our therapists are able to provide consultation and tutoring services to children who may be struggling with academic skills related to math, reading, and language. Through review of your child’s learning history and simple assessments we can create an academic tutoring plan and provide teaching suggestions so that your child can make the greatest gains possible.



Our therapeutic approach is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and  incorporates strategies that have been proven effective for helping individuals acquire and maintain new skills


Autism/ABA Services

Chicago Autism and Behavior Specialists provides intensive, 1:1 ABA/VB therapy for children with autism and related disorders. Through our assessment and intake process we are able to develop specific goals and a personalized treatment plan for your child.  Our treatment philosophy is to ensure student success by creating motivating environments in which children are encouraged to communicate and participate. Our therapists work side by side with parents on selecting treatment goals which are socially significant and relevant to the child’s living and learning environments. Data collection procedures and weekly progress monitoring help ensure consistency and increased rates of skill acquisition. 


Our ABA service delivery models for individuals with autism may include BCBA supervision of an already established ABA program, intensive 1:1 therapy in your home or our clinic setting, or Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) consultation and parent training for those families who wish to learn and implement teaching procedures to use with their child with ASD.


In addition, our BCBAs are able to conduct both ABA and autism based assessments including the VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, Vineland-II and ADOS2 to name just a few.  


Improving Your Family's Quality of Life

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