Finding an early education setting for your child with autism spectrum disorder or developmental delays is challenging.  Although many schools are eager to provide services to children with ASD, the supports they have available may not be sufficient for the child to reach their maximum potential.  In addition many children with ASD do not posses the foundation skills necessary to be successful in school group settings.  We work to build those missing foundation skills and bridge that gap from home therapy to a traditional school setting. Utilizing the principles of ABA, we create a structured, yet motivating setting for your child to learn in.  It is our goal to create a fun environment that fosters independence in classroom routines while still providing the necessary direct therapy needed to acquire language and relationship skills.  


In a typical day, children practice peer interactions, functional communication, problem solving, self-help skills, and early academics in one-on-one and small group settings.  Supports and behavior intervention plans are created to teaching coping with challenges and appropriate replacement behaviors.  One-on-one support is constant throughout the day and programs incorporate direct therapy with a speech and language pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  Lessons are created with input of our teachers and social worker, and implemented by our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs).


Children enrolled in our therapeutic preschool are typically between the ages of two and seven years old.  Services are offered on a full-day and half-day basis and parent training in the home, school, or community setting is scheduled bi-weekly.  It is our mission to improve the entire family's quality of life by ensuring that skills learned are generalized not only to the school setting but with the whole family.






Therapeutic ABA Pre-School

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